Keynotes and Talks

I love speaking at conferences and have given several Keynotes in the past years. My Keynotes usually focus on different aspects of being human in tech, and are based on strong metaphors, analogies, and intersections with other areas.

If your conference is an inclusive event that has a strong Code of Conduct, and you want me to give a keynote or talk there, contact me. You can find my past talks with links to videos below, as well as some audience feedback.

Upcoming Talks


Photo: Seb Lee-Delisle, CC BY

Past Keynotes and Talks

If I were to recommend you a few talks to read / watch, here they are:




Audience Feedback

This is mostly for conference organisers who want to know what they’re getting into. (Oh, and for insecure future me.)

What my talks are like

“You could have heard a pin drop while @lrnrd spoke.” (Shelly C., .concat() 2015)
“You could hear a pin drop in here at #ffconf” (Remy S., FullFrontal 2015)
“You could hear a pin drop.” (Glen M., JSConf Budapest 2016)
“You could hear a pin drop during @lrnrd’s #upfrontconf talk” (Stuart M., Upfront Conf 2016)

Some of the audience feedback on my past Keynotes:

Works on my Machine, or Problem is between Keyboard and Chair

Given in 2016 at JSConf Budapest & Upfront Conference.

A Talk about Everything

A Talk about Nothing

Given in 2015 at .concat() and ScotlandJS.